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Thank you for visiting! We assume you have stumbled upon our page because you are interested in easily obtaining millions of neopoints and rare neopets. Long ago we had the same goal, and we set out to find the safest, most affordable websites to buy neopets and neopoints. Throughout our journey we have encountered hundreds of websites. We have been scammed numerous times, experienced terrible delays in receiving our products, and have even been frozen for purchasing neopoints and neopets that were hacked or scammed!

We decided to open this web page to share our knowledge and experiences in the Neopets field. If there is a website out there selling neopoints or neopets trust us, we have used it!

That being said, we do not sell neopoints ourselves. This website is only for the purpose of providing unbiased, first hand reviews of sites that allow users to buy neopoints and neopets. We let you avoid the hassle of getting scammed and getting your neopets account frozen for buying neopoints. Browse our site, take our advice, and reap the rewards. Soon, for a small sum of cash, you too can have millions of neopoints, all the rare neopets paint brushes, and much more!