Buy Neopets

Buying neopets is one of your safest options compared to other neopet’s products, considering your neopets are being purchased from a legitimate seller and are not stolen. There are three categories of pets that you can purchase:

-Unconverted Neopets

-Battledome Neopets

-Regular (Converted) Neopets

As a general rule, buying unconverted neopets will be the most expensive purchase because some of them are very rare. Battledome pets will also be relatively expensive depending on the stats. Most converted neopets should not cost over $50. Before you buy a neopet, you need to consider many things: (1) How well does the pet need to be named, (2) How much am I willing to spend, and (3) Am I purchasing from a reputable site that will not get my Neopets account frozen? After you have defined your budget and are ready to buy neopets you will now need to find a reputable site to purchase your neopet from. And lucky you, has already done its research in finding an affordable, safe neopet seller!


BuyNeopets.Net Choice for Buying Neopets

Our preferred website for purchasing neopets is has one of the largest selections of unconverted neopets available and has a great staff with excellent customer service. As far as buying neopets goes, they were the only website who met our standards that we did not have any issues with. There are only a handful of sites with a large supply of unconverted neopets available however all of the others we have tried have been known to use scammed, stolen neopets. Unfortunately, their pet services do not offer instant delivery (as their item products do), however all of the pets that we purchased were delivered to our accounts in less than 24 hours, many even within 12 hours.