Buy Neopoints

Neopoints are extremely sought after and many people who are looking to buy neopets related products look to get neopoints. However, neopoints are also one of the most dangerous purchases and are easily tracked by the Neopets Team. In the past, we did not recommend purchasing neopoints at all. The method for buying neopoints used to involve moving neopoints directly to your account either via junk trades or by buying overpriced junk items in your shop. Both of these methods are very dangerous and will cause your account to be frozen. However, many sites are now offering neopoints on a preloaded account. With this method, you are emailed an account containing your neopoints and therefore no transferring of the neopoints is involved. We still do NOT recommend moving the neopoints off of the account although neopoints can be useful for buying custom neopets items that you are looking to purchase and then sending those items to your main account.

BuyNeopets.Net Choice For Buying Neopoints

We recommend for those who are looking to buy neopoints. This was a tough one as there are many sites that sell neopoints and have a large supply, however, NeopointSale is set apart because they offer instant delivery. Instant? Yes, we were surprised too! Their system is all automated so, no matter what time of the day you purchase, immediately after you pay your account information containing your neopoints will be sent to you via email. Because of this and there competitive prices they are our pick for the best site to buy neopoints.