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This site was very big back in 2011 and at that time would’ve made our safe list as they had very good customer support who were online daily and we didn’t have any issues with them. Sadly, they were closed down by Neopets early 2012 and have just reopened. We heard about their reopening and decided to purchase a rather expensive unconverted neopet that they had for sale, thinking they would still be safe as they had been in the past. To our dismay, we were frozen within 24 hours for buying neopets. We submitted a ticket to TNT and received the following response:


“Hi *********!
A solution for your issue has been suggested.

Your account has been frozen for buying a pet from a third-party website. As stated in the Terms of Use, you do not own the accounts, items, pets or virtual currency you use while playing the site. It is against the rules to both make money off of these items by selling them and to cheat by purchasing these items from another user or site. The Terms of Use also clearly state that if we find someone selling virtual items or currency, we will freeze every account controlled by that player and every account of the player who purchased them.

Purchased pets always originate from scammed accounts. By purchasing these pets, you are supporting the scammers who are responsible for preying on other users, particularly children who easily fall victim to their tricks. Not only do these scammers steal from others to sell you the pets, they will use their tricks to scam you as well and steal those pets back if you do not get frozen for cheating first.

While reviewing your account history, we confirmed that you received ***** from a scammed account positively identified as being stolen and used by a member of a Neopoint selling site. The pet you received on August 1, 2012 from this user was among those listed as being for sale on the third party site. Because these sites exist solely to make money off these items, and because we have confirmed the account that gave you this pet is associated with one of these sites, it is clear that you did not receive the pet as a “gift” from a friend or through any other legitimate means.

We do understand that sometimes people make mistakes or believe scammers who may tell you that purchasing pets is not against the rules, hoping you have not read our Terms of Use. It appears that your account has otherwise been in good standing with us. If you can please give us details about the site you’ve purchased from, including any contact information for the seller and additional purchase details (including PayPal receipts/confirmation), this will help us stop these scammers from tricking other people into jeopardizing their accounts in the future. If you are able to help us out, we may be able to return your account to you just this once – as long as you promise not to break the rules again! We also encourage you to contest this transaction with PayPal, as the person who took your money did not have the right to do so. Contesting the transaction will help us in our efforts to get PayPal to stop allowing these scammers to continue selling our intellectual property.

Purchasing pets from a third-party site supports scammers, unbalances the game, and gives cheaters an advantage over honest players who earn what they have on their accounts. You can review our Terms of Use here: . We hope you can now understand why we find this such a serious offense and will be willing to assist us in stopping these sellers once and for all. We look forward to hearing back from you with any additional information you can provide!

Frank R., The Neopets Team”

It is quite obvious that TNT now is tracking and it is no longer safe to purchase from them whatsoever. We were also not satisfied with their customer service following this issue. We told them what happened (including the ticket information above that we received) and yet they said they would not refund us. Following this, we did contest the transaction with PayPal and eventually got our money back after showing PayPal the tickets that we received from TNT.

If you value the safety of your account,do not purchase from as they are being tracked by TNT and will cause your account to be frozen!