Looking for a reliable review of Not sure if they are a legitimate, safe website to purchase from? Look no further. NeopetsGuru is a scam! Review

NeopetsGuru ranks at the bottom of all the neopets selling sites that we have reviewed. Having heard more than a handful of bad reviews ourselves, we decided to only purchase a small paint brush. That worked out great, because we never received it. This was months ago and we have since filed a dispute with PayPal and received our money back. A quick look at their FaceBook page (and other reviews from Google), show we may not be the only one:

Apparently they may occasionally deliver (most likely to make sure they don’t get too many disputes and get closed by PayPal), but even when they do the delay in receiving your products is ridiculous (1 week!). Not to mention they are by no means “cheap” as this buyer has stated. Shopping around will show that if anything they are one of the most expensive sites on the market. Avoid yourself the trouble, do NOT buy from NeopetsGuru.