Thought about purchasing from Trying to find a review from an outside source to see if they are a safe, legitimate source to purchase from? has your solution! is a scam! Review

(Insert preferred expletive here) you neopians asking us to review this website! Just kidding, we enjoy doing these reviews however we do not always enjoy the outcome. is a new website that has popped up (one of many that sprung up and will probably be gone in a few months) and we had a few emails asking if we had purchased. We hadn’t, so we went ahead and made a small purchase in order to make a proper review. The prices were reasonable and the payment process was also relatively simple. As with most new sites that spring up, the neopoints they are using to purchase their products is autobuyed. How do we know? Because our account was also frozen for autobuying following receiving our items. This is very common as neopets “chain freezes” accounts when freezing for cheating so they also freeze all accounts that were associated (or received neopoints/items from) the account that was autobuying. If you don’t know what a neopets autobuyer is- trust us, you don’t want to get involved with one. Essentially all it does is automatically buy items from the neopets main shops, however, they always end up with getting your neopets account frozen. It is easy for neopets to detect and is never worth using.

If you want neopoints that were “cheated” and will always end up getting your account frozen (in addition to losing your cash), we recommend purchasing from If you don’t, well, we suggest staying far, far away from this website.