Are you looking to purchase from Trying to find a dependable, third party review to see if they are a safe and legitimate website? You’re in luck! They are a scam! Review

Our experience with NeoXpress was a total disaster. The delivery came fairly quickly (and the prices are relatively fair) however the account that sent us our item was obtained from a neopets cookie grabber! We were browsing the boards after receiving our item and saw that the user who had sent us our item had posted a board saying they had been cookie grabbed and all of their items and neopoints had been stolen!

We ended up returning the item and composed a bogus story stating that we “randomly” received the item. Our account was luckily not frozen however NeoXpress denied that the items were cookie grabbed (even with all of our evidence) and refused a refund. The purchase was too small to go through the hassle of a dispute so we ended up cutting our losses and decided to never purchase or visit NeoXpress again. For the safety of your neopets account, NeoXpress is NOT recommended.