Looking for Reviews? Curious to see if they are a scam? Want to know if is a safe, legit source to get your neopets items from? We have your answer! Review

We were intrigued by They certainly have a nice layout and have reasonable prices. They were a bit slow in replying to our questions (took over 48 hours and it was during the middle of the week). We went ahead and purchased after they got back to us. Delivery was equally slow and it took about 36 hours for us to receive our baby paint brush. Even worse? Our account was frozen only 24 hours after buying the paint brush for scamming other users. This is something that is all too common. Some websites scam other users and then use these stolen items to sell. Once the stolen items are transferred to your account, you will also be frozen for scamming. All in all, avoid this website like the plague. Review