Searching for a review of Consider yourself lucky, TheNeopetsStore is a scam and they are not safe or legitimate, do not purchase! Review

The staff here are lovely, just lovely (please note the sarcasm). We made a purchase of a baby paint brush after hearing about their opening from a few of our readers. Prices? Fairly reasonable. Layout? Nice, fairly professional. Scam? Yes. We received an item— but they sent us a baby paint brush plushie. We thought it could have been a mistake (although we pretty much knew they were trying to scam us) so we rejected the item. They sent it back. The same #$%(*$@ plushie! We sent them a contact form stating the issue (even including the pretty image as can be seen below) but they just denied it.


Every time they sent the plushie back we would reject it, until we finally just accepted it and then filed a dispute with PayPal to get our money back. Why they even bothered sending us the plushie? We don’t know. Maybe they thought it was somehow possible that we were that stupid and would just accept it. Shows you the clientele they are trying to appeal to, don’t waste your time purchasing from these scum.