Best Websites To Buy Neopoints

Best Sites To Buy Neopoints

Although we’ve presented the dark side of the neopets industry and have shown that many sites are scams in one way or another, there is light at the end of the tunnel! There are a handful of sites out there who do truly care about their customers, deliver orders timely, and use solely legitimate neopoints to supply their customers. It is easy to see why the buying neopoints and neopets industry has received such a bad rap. There are many sites, whether intentionally or unintentionally, whose sole intention is to make a “quick buck” without truly thinking about the ramifications that their actions may have on their customers. We have presented a list of “bad” sites (some definitely worse than others) that we definitely do not recommend purchasing from at our buy neopoints reviews page. That being said, we would like to present to you our list of sites who have proven to be safe, reliable, and efficient sources to buy neopets and neopoints from.


And the winners are…



The list above contains, in no particular order, the best websites to buy neopoints that we have found. The list is always open to change, and if we ever have any issues with the above sites they will be removed, in addition to other sites being added if we deem that they are worthy to be on the list of the best places to buy neopoints. We hope that you are able to take advantage of these websites and reap the rewards of becoming a neopian millionaire.

As a final note, we’d like to leave you with this quick tip: cheaper is not always better. That may sound counter intuitive (and for real-life purchases it generally always is), however the sites that we found that had enticing, extremely cheap prices generally tended to have terrible service, get our neopets account(s) frozen, or be downright scams. That’s not to say that’s always the case, but it is a general rule to follow or at the very least make you think twice before purchasing.